How to avoid bubbles in stretch film packaging?

Publish Time: 2024-04-15
It is a common problem that stretch film produces bubbles during the packaging process. The existence of bubbles not only affects the aesthetics of the packaging, but may also affect the packaging effect, causing items to shift or be damaged during transportation. In order to avoid the generation of bubbles, we can consider and operate from the following aspects:
First of all, choosing the right stretch film is key. High-quality stretch film should have good tensile properties and adhesion, be able to closely fit the packaged items, and reduce the generation of bubbles. Therefore, when purchasing stretch film, we should choose products with reliable quality and standardized production processes.
Secondly, controlling the degree of stretch of the stretch film is also an important part of avoiding the generation of bubbles. Excessive stretching will cause the film to deform, making it difficult to fit the surface of the object and prone to bubbles. Therefore, during the packaging process, we should appropriately adjust the degree of stretch film according to the shape and size of the item to ensure that the film can fit evenly and closely on the surface of the item.
In addition, ambient temperature is also an important factor affecting the generation of bubbles. Stretch film tends to soften at high temperatures, reducing its adhesion and thus increasing the possibility of bubbles. Therefore, we should keep the temperature of the packaging environment appropriate and avoid exposing the stretch film to excessive temperatures.
During the operation, we also need to pay attention to the following points: First, ensure that the surface of the stretch film and the packaged items is clean, dry, and free of dust, oil and other impurities to improve the adhesion of the film; second, try to avoid packaging Excessive friction and vibration will be generated during the process to avoid damaging the bonding effect of the film; thirdly, for items with complex or irregular shapes, segmented or pieced packaging can be used to gradually fit the stretch film to reduce the occurrence of bubbles. produce.
Finally, we can also use some auxiliary tools and techniques to reduce the generation of bubbles. For example, use a professional bubble eliminator or roller to roll the stretch film after it adheres to the surface of the item to help eliminate air bubbles; or preheat the item before packaging to increase its surface temperature, which is beneficial to the adhesion of the stretch film.
In summary, avoiding the generation of bubbles in stretch film during the packaging process requires comprehensive consideration and operation from multiple aspects. By selecting the appropriate stretch film, controlling the degree of stretch, maintaining a suitable ambient temperature, and paying attention to operating details, we can effectively reduce the generation of bubbles and improve packaging effect and quality.

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